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Cycling – 1986 – Tour De France – Profiles USA Greg LeMond Vs FRA Benard Hinault + Race Highlights

One of the truly great sports rivalries took place on top of racing bike seats during the cycling seasons of 1984, 1985 and and culminating in 1986 at the Tour de France…..and although it was a short lived rivalry…..while vividly and vibrantly taking place really over a total of about 72 or so days ( 24 in 1984,,,,24 in 1985….and 24 in 1986…..all at the Tour de France)…..which it was as intense and as captivating as any rivalry ever throughout the history of sports…..as USA Greg LeMond battled FRA Bernard Hinault over the back roads, mountains and valleys of France. 

The 2014 documentary film “Slaying the Badger” is a good of an example which provides evidence of this uncommon rivalry between two of the greatest competitive cyclists in the history of the sport…..as it examines their intense rivalry, even as teammates on Le Vie Claire cycling team during the 1986 Tour de France.  In addition to this documentary film….we here at ImaSportsphile have further evidence of their intense head-to-head battles from the seats of their bicycles….as we chronicle the 1985 and 1986 Tours.


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