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Music – 1978 – Johnny Gimble + The Texas Swing Pioneers – Just Because You Think You Are So Pretty

Just Because (You Think You’re So Pretty)” is a song written by Joe Shelton, Sydney Robin and Bob Shelton…..which was originally recorded by Nelstone’s Hawaiians (Hubert Nelson and James D. Touchstone) in 1929….and later recorded by The Shelton Brothers in 1933…..as the song has since been recorded numerous times by various artists including Elvis Presley….who included it on his very first album titled “Elvis Presley”. The original recording was by Nelstone’s Hawaiians, comprising Hubert Nelson and James D. Touchstone….while the song’s main verse is one of our all time favorites here at ImaSportsphile…..as it goes like this…..Just because you think you’re so pretty, just because you think you’re so hot….just because you think you’ve got something, that nobody else has got…..just because you spend all my money, and you call me ole Santa Claus…..I’m telling you that baby we’re throught, just because because.”  

As seen in this video herewith…..legendary fiddle player, Johnny Gimble, and his band The Texas Swing Pioneers…..which was made up of some of Texas swing music pioneers to include J. R. Chatwell (fiddle & piano), Eldon Shamblin (steel guitar), Curly Hollingsworth (piano) and Cliff Bruner (fiddle), Zeke Campbell (guitar) and Monty Montgomery (banjo)….all swing legends in their own right….as they play “Just Because (You Think You’re So Pretty) live on stage at Austin City Limits in 1978. 

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