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Boxing – 1980 – 10 Round Light Heavyweight Bout – Michael “Jinx” Spinks VS Yaqui Lopez


Michael “Jinx” Spinks turned professional with a win over Eddie Benson….who he knocked out in one round on April 17, 1977 in Las Vegas….which began a 31 fight winning streak that would almost extend to the end of his career. After four more wins, Spinks finished 1977 with the first fight that began a gradual ascent in opposition quality….an eight-round decision over Gary Summerhays, a popular young boxer of the time….then in 1978, Spinks won two fights, including an eight-round decision over former world Middleweight title challenger Tom Bethea….on the same undercard where his brother Leon dethroned Muhammad Ali as world Heavyweight champion in Las Vegas. In 1979, Jinz would get less than three minutes of boxing action inside a ring, with his only fight ending in a first round knockout of Marc Hans….but in 1980, Spinks took his ascent towards the top to another level, when he beat future IBF super-middleweight champion Murray Sutherland, David Conteh, and fringe contenders Ramon Ronquillo and Alvaro Yaqui Lopez….who challenged for a world title four times. Of his five wins that year, three came by knockout, Sutherland and Johnny Wilburn being the only ones who lasted the distance.

Álvaro “Yaqui” López is a former Mexican boxer and current member of the Boxing Hall of Fame.….who was very popular among Mexicans and is considered by many as one of the greatest Light Heavyweights to never become world champion….as.Lopez is a member of both the California Boxing Hall of Fame and the World Boxing Hall of Fame….who finished his professional boxing career with 66 wins and 15 losses…..who in his career faced light heavyweight champions Víctor Galíndez, Mike Rossman, Matthew Saad Muhammad, Carlos De León, John Conteh and Michael Spinks….as seen in this video herewith..

This light heavyweight fight between Michael “Jinx” Spinks vs Yaqui Lopez was a really good fight….which any boxing fan will surely enjoy watching.

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  1. It is always a treat and learning experience watching old tapes of famous boxer. I am consistently impressed by two things. One is the obvious lack of boxing skills on both fighters and the beatings that were common for what is called the Golden Age of Boxing. In this fight I am disappointed in Jack Cruz, Benito and Joe Guzman who clearly failed Yaqui not preparing him to learn how to punch. Yaqui’s feet are clearly never used to shift his weight, pivot and deliver a stronger punch by putting the wright of the body behind the punch. Having actually met Jack Cruz and knowing Alvaro its difficult to remain silent knowing he had the rare gift of always punching and enough brass for a marching band. Too bad his father in law was a jerk who only saw him as a pay check, never as a potential world champion. Lets hope this never happens to someone you know and care for.

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