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Music – 1982 – Unknown Rock Band – Everybody Sees It Differently

This video seen herewith is one of the only two videos out of the 4700+ that we have currently posted on our site here at ImaSportsphile…..in which we have no idea who the band and singer are…..and we certainly are not very confident that the name of the song being sung is Everybody Sees It Differently…..so we can only hope that one of our viewers in the not to distant future…..will come through and provide us with the name of the group performing…..as well as the correct name of the song…..and until then, this video will be one of only two videos that we have no idea of who these folks are.  However, we can say this much, the song is good rock n roll music….which is well worth the watch.


    1. Thanks so much Tanya….we will consider your “pretty sure” worthy of changing the title….for as our intent is to post some 12,000 vintage videos here on our site….and since we know we are already becoming a video reference museum for the baby boomer generation with just 4900 videos currently posted….so, we want accuracy….and we must admit that more than a smidgen of them have some WAG (wild ass guess) in them….so, we really appreciate when folks like you take the time to help us on our journey. THANKS AGAIN

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