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Boxing – 1986 – Special – History Of Heavyweight Champion Brawlers


I ask the question often if folks remember what the Twin Towers in New York City looked like….and many have no idea…..so I send this to the opening of this HBO PreFight Show for the upcoming world heavyweight title fight between Mike Tyson verses Mitch Green….cuz HBO Sports does a complete lead-in to their telecast of this fight by showing the towers….while calling them “the financial capital of the world” at the time that their pre-fight telecast was about to begin. 

Talk about creating an absolutely vivid visual memory of “the financial capital of the world” coming down on 9-11-2001….so, not all memories from our museum of vintage video memories are all good….for they are not meant to be….cuz you simply can’t have a top without a bottom….which means you can’t have a financial capital of the world without having someone who wants to take it down. 

This HBO Boxing video piece features Barry Tompkins narrating a video highlights look at the greatest heavyweight boxing champions who were great brawlers…..with highlights of fights that were great brawls…..and then ties it into the upcoming fight between Mike Tyson vs Mitch Green….who are two up and coming New York heavyweights….who are both brawlers….as they prepare to face off at Madison Square Garden. 

This video is a great piece of boxing history.

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