Comedy – 1978 – Special – Those Magnificent Men And Their Flying Machines – Trying To Fly


Since the dawn of time….man has sought the Heavens….with eyes skyward….he saw the magic of flight in the feathered winges of hollow-boned birds.  Centuries of failed imitations and bone curshing frustrations followed….until one foggy dawn at a place called Kitty Hawk….for a man called Orville…or was it Wilbur….that the Earth fell away…..and for those magnificent men in their flying machines….what went up, tiddley up, up….always comes down, tiddley down down….and this video serves as living proof of those words.   

This wonderful comic relief of men trying to soar like birds hold a special place in our hearts at ImaSportsphile….cuz it reminds us of Pops…who was our Bone Daddy’s (the original Sportsphile) father… was a pilot who flew commercially for companies like Shell Oil and Atlantic Richfield Oil for the better part of 45 years….for he was a man who was more comfortable after he had escaped the bonds of Earth.

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