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Figure Skating – 1980 – Special – Athletes On Review – Lisa Marie Allen + Elaine Zayak


This 1980 figure skating special on NBC with host Dick Buttons was titled Athletes in Review” was a dual purpose production that was used to showcase the top US figure skaters and to raise continued awareness and salute to the 1961 US Figure Skating Team that was lost in the 1961 plane crash in 1961. 

This special features two of America’s top female skaters…..Lisa Marie Allen and Elaine Zayak…..as the seasoned veteran Allen does an exhibition skate to a jazzy disco tune in a tight, black full-body suit…. which is accentuated by her white skates….white belt….and white hair….which coupled with her long legs and lean figure, present a delightful sight to watch.  When 15 year old jumping sensation Elaine Zayak takes the ice….the whole mood of the program goes “upbeat and energetic”…..while giving the world a loud signal that here was a young skater that would eventually win the ladies world figure skating championship. 

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