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Horse Racing – 1987 – Special – The Eloquence & Elegance Of Jim McKay Welcomes World To Derby Day


As far as we are concerned here at ImaSportsphile…..when it comes to welcoming entire living rooms’ full of people to a live sporting event on television…..there was NOBODY that compared to ABC Sports Jim McKay…..as we consider him to be the most elegant and eloquent host of any sporting event to ever grace a mike….be it at the Olympics…..or the Masters…..the world figure skating championships…..or gymnastics….or what ever….for he was a master of covering “the thrill of vidtory” all the way to “the agony of defeat” in such a way that he made you feel like you , the fan, is a part of what was happening…..as evidenced by this video seen herewith…..where he invites the world of sports to the 1987 Kentucky Derby. 

We at ImaSportsphile are absolutely blessed to have so much of Jim McKay’s work in our treasure chest of vintage memories…..as we consider each to be “a nugget of gold”…..so, click below and ENJOY…..as the best of the best welcomes all to the 1987 Run for the Roses.



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