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Music – 1978 – University Of Texas Band – Star Spangled Banner – Played At N I T Semifinals Game

The University of Texas Longhorn Band (LHB)…..also known as the Showband of the Southwest….is the marching band of The University of Texas at Austin. The Longhorn Band was founded in 1900 by distinguished professor of chemistry, Dr. Eugene P. Schoch. The band is currently under the direction of Dr. Scott Hanna. The band performs at all in-state football games, for various Texas Longhorn Athletics teams and at special pep rallies and parades throughout the year. The band includes about 375 students, all of whom must register for a year-round course offered by the Butler School of Music.

Prior to kickoff at all home football games….the band marches through the north tunnel and fills the north end-zone with fourteen fronts….as instruments are held above the heads of the band members….while they march in before coming down to play the fight song. The fronts cross the field using a modified high-step, called Taps Stride. The fronts march through the duration of “Texas Fight” and 8 counts afterwards….then halt and perform “Eyes Fanfare” to the east, north, and finally west side. Afterwards, the band begins “Texas Fight” again…..and marches the rest of the way down the field….while turning once each front hits the 15 yard line….and performing a counter-march toward the opposite end zone until stopping at the end of “Texas Fight.” The band turns to face the west stands and performs an up-tempo arrangement of “Texas our Texas”, the official state song, and the fronts then adjust to form an interlocking UT…..when the band stays at this position for announcements….the opponent’s school song….and finally “The Star Spangled Banner” is played. Since some opponents travel long distances, they can’t bring their band. If this is the case, the Longhorn band plays the opponents school song. After “The Star Spangled Banner” and the presentation of the colors….the band starts “Deep in the Heart of Texas” and marches to form a block T.  After “Deep in the Heart of Texas,” the sideways block T is then floated toward the south end zone while the band plays “Calypso.” About a third of the way through “Calypso,” the band halts and faces toward the 25 or 35 yard line. Normally, the top of the T stops at the back of the south end zone….however, due to stadium construction, for the 2007 season, the visiting team uses a locker room at the south end of the stadium….so the band stops at the front of the end zone to give the visiting team room to run to their side line. Once stopped, there are a few more announcements that take place, followed by the possible performance of “March Grandioso.” ….which is only played if enough time is left before the football team comes out. If not, the band goes straight into “The Eyes of Texas.” Right after this, a short video is shown, followed by the entrance of the football team, accompanied by “Texas Fight.” After this, the band marches through the south end zone before entering the stand for the game. 

In this video herewith, the Longhorn Band has traveled to Madison Square Garden in New York City to support the Texas Longhorns Men’s Basketball team as they play the Rutgers Scarlet Knights in the semifinals of the N.I.T. (National Invitation Tournament) in 1978.

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