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Music – 1979 – Frank Sinatra – A Foggy Day In London Town – Put To Hilites Of Muhammad Ali In London

So, I ask this of all of our viewers who watch this video seen herewith as simple question….Does it get any better than this”…..I specifically mean….Ole Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra singing about “A Foggy Day In London Town”  ….while being accompanied by highlights of The Greatest Muhammad Ali during his training for his 1966 heavyweight title fight with Henry Cooper in London, England….cuz simply put, it is impossible to put any two greater legends into a video than Frank Sinatra and Muhammad Ali….and when you throw legendary boxing sportscaster Howard Cosell into the equation….you simply have a MUST SEE VIDEO….as there are not two ways about it…..you could not put two bigger headliners than Muhammad Ali and Frank Sinatra to make a video that is worth watching. 

This video seen herewith is truly a rare piece of footage…..which is an absolute “perfect diamond” in our treasure chest of vintage memories here at ImaSportsphile….and it is well worth the price of admission to see.

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