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NBA – 1988 – All Star Saturday – Pat OBrien Reviews Legends Game + 3 Pt Shootout + Slam Dunk Contest

By the time the 1988 NBA’s All Star Saturday Legends Classic, 3-Point Shootout and the extremely popular Slam Dunk Contest rolled around…..the WTBS Sports program, which aired typically on Saturday night before the NBA All Star Game on Sunday afternoon….the competition was highly anticipated….for the night would feature Celtics Larry Bird verses SuperSonics Dale Ellis in the 3-Point Shootout…..followed by Hawks Spud Webb defeating his teammate Dominique “The Human Highlight” Wilkins…..along with G.O.A.T Bulls Michael Jordan….in the Slam Dunk Contest….makes this video “pure gold” in our treasure chest of vintage memories here at ImaSportsphile…..for this is rare footage and awesome highlights of legendary players and their incredible display of human talent. 

The NBA on CBS All Star Game At the Half host Pat O’Brien provides a wonderful review of the events from the night before during the three events contested on NBA All Star Saturday Night….as this truly was a star studded event. 

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