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NCAAF – 1984 – Special – Inside The Texas Locker Room With Coach Akers Pregame Relaxation Program


There are many various ways that college and professional head coaches use to prepare and motivate their team for the game that they are about to play…..such as the “win one for the Gipper” speech that Notre Dame Coach Knute Rockne used….and the “this is the most important game of your life” approach that OU Coach Barry Switzer used to fire-up his Sooners prior to their National Championship Orange Bowl game with Jimmy Johnson’s Miami Hurricanes…..and then there is this “deep breath relaxation” program used by Texas Coach Fred Akers in this video herewith.  Whatever the case….it seems to us at ImaSportsphile that the more “off the wall” the approach….the more concerned the coach is about his team’s impending battle….and since Coach Akers is using a process to relax the mind and body….and then provide many positive affirmations and mental visuals while in such a state….indicates he is concerned about the game his team is about to play.

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