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Olympic Decathalon – Bob Mathias 1948 – 1952 & Milt Campbell 1956 & Rafer Johnson – C J Yang 1960


The men’s decathlon has for as long as Bone Daddy has been following sports….which is a really long time…..following with diligence and passion I might say….and for all that time, the decathlon has been given as the title for producing the “greatest athlete in the world”…it’s just in this lil ole Chiweenie Sportsphile’s opinion is….that they may still hold that title of being the greatest athlete….after winning the World title and/or Olympic gold…but the world’s greatest athletes don’t do the decathlon.  Now don’t get me wrong here….cuz decathaletes are great athletes….they just aren’t the greatest…..even though they are given that distiction.  But any way you cut the pie….the decathlon is an incredible test of athletic strength, speed and power.  This video provides a good look at four of the really great Olympic Decathlon gold medal winners.


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