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Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – ABC Profile – Track – Relays & Passing The Baton


In this ABC Olympics profile…..O J Simpson gives the viewer a learning lesson on the skill of properly passing the baton in a relay race….providing a good understanding why so many relay races are won and lost….just by mastering or not mastering the skill of passing the baton.


    1. Howdy Greg….I am not quite sure how you used my post of the 1984 Olympics ABC Profile….as I hope it served as a benefit to you. I have been given the responsibility of building the webpage http://www.imasportsphile.com …..having been given some 15,000 pieces of sports memorabilia and over 2300 hrs of video sports, comedy and music to post. I am always attempting to identify more sportsphiles like myself and Bone Daddy….and you just might be one. I hope you will continue to be a frequent visitor of my site….as I will be posting new material every day for the foreseeable future.
      Thanks for your interest…L E

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