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Olympics – 1984 Sarajevo – ESPN Coverage – With David Sullivan – Part 1


The 1984 Winter Olympics, officially known as the XIV Olympic Winter Games was a winter multi-sport event which took place from 8–19 February 1984 in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, in present-day Bosnia-Herzegovina. It was the first Winter Olympics held in a Communist state….It was also the second Olympics overall….as well as the second consecutive Olympics to be held in a Communist nation after the 1980 Summer Olympics were held in Moscow, Soviet Union. The only other games that have since been held in a communist state are the 2008 Summer Olympics held in Beijing and 2014 Summer Youth Olympics in Nanjing, and the 2022 Winter Olympics which will be held in Beijing. All of these have been in China…which simply says to me that politics has absolutely nothing to do with sports….and the only people who try to make it so….are politicians. It doesn’t matter what the politics of a country is to the competition on the field at an Olympic event..

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