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Pool – 1980 – Trick Shot Extravaganza – With Empire State Champion Ernie Costa And Howard Cosell

The game of table pool is played in local bars and at pool tournaments all over the USA each and every day…..which provides the venues to develop and design the best and most amazing trick pool shots ever conceived in the minds of great pool players.  During the 1970’s and 1980’s….ABCs Wide World of Sports would feature an event that had to do with the sport of playing pool…..with some being head to head matches between the likes of pool greats like Minnesota Fats and Willie Mosconi…..along with special pool events dealing with the minds and creations of pool master performing extravagant trick pool shots. 

This video herewith showcases Ernie Costa…..the Empire State Champion with one of his most famous trick shots ever conceived in the mind of a pool master….and he does it with the assistance of ABC’s incomparable sportscaster Howard Cosell….which makes this video just one more MUST SEE videos in our ImaSportsphile video collection. 

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