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Special – 1984 – The Elegance + Eloquence Of ABCs Jim McKay With Highlights Of 1984 In Sports

Anyone who has read many of our posts have probably come across one that expounds about our opinion of ABC’s legendary sportscaster Jim McKay….there wasn’t a sport on the face of the Earth that he couldn’t cover….with knowledge of the sport….and an incredible feel for the game…..which he could capture and comment on with an “aire of elegance”…..and an “attitude of eloquence” ….while making the sport, no matter how difficult and challenging feel a bit “romantic”…..and no video in our 4700 video posts….captures the elements of Jim McKay at his best. 

Simply put, we cherish the many magical moments of Jim McKay behind the mike that we have in our  vintage library full of memories…..and therefore we at ImaSportshile have knighted Jim McKay as our first Honorary Sportsphile…..as there is no question that he ate, drank and slept sports….and for this we honor him.


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