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TV Ads – 1979 – Clairol Shampoo + Tickle Deodorant + Star Bar In Austin + Rod & Gun Show In Austin

Clairol is an American personal care-product division of company Coty…. specializing in hair coloring and hair care….including shapoo and conditioners to go along with their hair coloring products.  By 1959, Clairol was considered the leading company in the U.S. hair-coloring industry. In 2004, Clairol registered annual sales worth about US$1.6 billion from the sale of its hair-care products.

For women of the 1970’s….the personal care offerings included a wide range of unique products….such as Tickle Deodorant….whose distinctive name, product shape and colors became popular with shoppers with suggestive tag lines such as “Staying drier is nicer with a little Tickle.”  The roll-on anti-perspirant focused on offering customers the first roll-on with an oversized big round ball, four scents (citrus, herbal, floral and unscented) and hourglass shape behind polka dots….which was definitely feminine…but a bit risque and silly….whereby Tickle’s ads attracted the consumer with their ribald commentary….“Make yourself happy with a little Tickle!”….when television commercials used several models who are laughing as the male voice over talked about Tickle.

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