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TV Ads – 1986 – L A Beer + Toyota Trucks + Premium Saltine Crackers


Anheuser-Busch Breweries came out with a new label beer just for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games called L A Beer….and anybody who liked beer that attended the L A Games live….or lived in L A…. or watched the 1984 Olympics on television….probably drank at least one or more L A Beer during the two 16 days of the Olympics.

The history of Toyota started in 1933 with the company being a division of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works devoted to the production of cars under the direction of the founder’s son, Kiichiro Toyoda…..who had traveled to Europe and the United States in 1929 to investigate automobile production….and had begun researching gasoline-powered engines in 1930. Toyoda Automatic Loom Works was encouraged to develop automobile production by the Japanese government….which needed domestic vehicle production due to the war with China.  In 1934, the division produced its first Type A Engine….which was used in the first Model A1 passenger car in May 1935….along with the G1 truck in August 1935….while the production of the Model AA passenger car started in 1936.  Early vehicles bear a striking resemblance to the Dodge Power Wagon and Chevrolet….with some parts actually interchanging with their American originals. Although the Toyota Group is best known today for its cars and trucks….it is still in the textile business and still makes automatic looms….which are now computerized….along with electric sewing machines which are available worldwide.

A saltine or soda cracker is a thin, usually square cracker made from white flour, yeast, and baking soda, with most varieties lightly sprinkled with coarse salt.  It has perforations over its surface…as well as a distinctively dry and crisp texture. Nabisco (from the National Biscuit Company) is an American manufacturer of cookies, saltine crackers and snacks headquartered in East Hanover, New Jersey. The company is a subsidiary of Illinois-based Mondelēz International.  The Nabisco’s plant in Chicago, a 1,800,000-square-foot (170,000 m2) production facility at 7300 S. Kedzie Avenue,….is the largest bakery in the world….while employing more than 1,200 workers and producing around 320 million pounds of snack foods annually.


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