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Wrestling – 1979 – Nature Boy Buddy Rogers Introduces $1K Pin Match – Andy Kaufman Vs Diana Peckham

We at ImaSportsphile are happy to introduce this highly touted special wrestling match between Andy Kaufman verses Diana Peckham….whereby, if Peckham pins Kaufman in one three-minute round…..she will win $1000 cash….while Kaufman will have to shave his head bald.  This once in a lifetime special match is introduced by world heavyweight wrestling champion Nature Boy Buddy Rogers….who is also Kaufman’s manager and trainer. 

We are quite sure that our viewers may have never seen a professional wrestling match quite like this one….and our bet is that you will not ever see another that compares….as Diana Peckham gives Andy Kaufman quite a run for his money….so to speak….which provides a delightful experience while watching this video.   Any way you cut the pie….this very real wrestling match….is every bit as funny, as it is entertaining….which makes this just one more “nugget of gold” in our treasure chest of vintage memories. 

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