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Music 1987 113th US Army Band From Ft Knox Kentucky The Star Spangled Banner With Jim McKay

In this video, the 113th Army Band from Ft. Knox, Kentucky plays the Star Spangled Banner at the 113th running of the Kentucky Derby…..as brought to you by ABC’s Jim McKay….which is a bit confusing to us here at ImaSportsphile.  The reason for our confusion is that we posted another video of the 112th running of the Kentucky Derby….wherein the 100th Army Band from Ft Knox, KY played the National Anthem….so, does Ft Knox have two bands?…..the 100th Army Band and the 113th Army Band!?! 

Whether they do or they don’t…..and whether it be the 100th Army Band or the 113th Army Band….it is always a delight to hear the military marching bands perform our National Anthem….especially when it is performed at a place with as much “pomp and pegeantry” as the Kentucky Derby….and to have the always eloquent Jim McKay host the program, is like the “cherry on top of a banana split sundae”.

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