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Music – 1977 – Roger Hodgson & Supertramp – Give A Little Bit

Give a Little Bit is the opening song on Supertramp’s 1977 album Even in the Quietest Moments….when the song was released as a single that same year and became an international hit for the band…..while peaking at # 15 on the Billboard Pop Singles chart…..as It was a chart hit in the band’s native UK reaching # 29 on the UK Singles Chart. The single was re-released in 1992 to raise funds for the ITV Telethon  Charity event, but failed to chart.  Its writing credits are given to Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson, although it is a Hodgson composition…..as the two shared writing credits from 1974 until 1983….which is  when Hodgson left Supertramp.

The song is characterized by the ringing tones of 12-string acoustic guitars….which is joined by a Hohner Clavinet through a Leslie speaker in the bridge of the song…..as “Give a Little Bit” was first written by Hodgson when he was 19 or 20 years old before it was introduced to the band for recording five to six years later….when Hodgson stated that the song was inspired by The Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love”….  which was released during the love and peace movement of the 1960’s.

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