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Bone Daddy’s University of Texas Football Collection Pieces


I cannot even begin to tell you how many UT football games that Bone Daddy saw live and in color at Texas Memorial Stadium during his college years….sitting in the Student Section….where the tickets were much much cheaper than general admission.  The University of Texas football program was then and still is today…..a huge money maker for The University.  Coaches like recent UT Head Coach Mac Brown….were outstanding CEO’s of the large business that is all things Texas football….albeit he is a National Champion Coach (2005)….but the fact is….he was an even better CEO.  My quess is the football is probably the 3rd biggest money maker for The University of Texas system…which is somewhere after oil & gas royalties and alumni contributions.…for Mac was good at getting alumni contributions….but he was exceptional at running a profitable business.

When The University of Texas is on TV in an area where Bone Daddy can get reception….you can bet your last dollar on the fact that he will be watching it somewhere…..even when the team is hard to watch….like it has been since Coach Fred Akers was replaced….and that is tough on two Sportsphiles like BD and me.

The undeniable fact that The University of Texas football program is an important profit center in the entire UT system…..and in the State of Texas….it is a place where money talks…..and bull____ walks is a real fact of life….and although I am small in stature…..I have seen BS from a perspective of eye level.


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