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Boxing – 1964 To 1986 – Special – The Elegance + Eloquence Of Jim McKay In Tribute To Muhammad Ali

This video is simply priceless to us here at ImaSportsphile….cuz it features two of our all time favorite sports personalities…..the always elegant and eloquent Jim McKay, a sportscaster of the highest order….along with The Greatest Muhammad….who not only was a legend of boxing, but was also demographically, the best known and most admired person in the world throughout his lifetime….as both of the giants in sport have left an undeniable legacy on the world.   

It is little wonder why we at ImaSportsphile are so delighted to have the vast collection of video footage featuring both of the icons in sports….wherein we have literally hundreds of videos featuring the wide variety of their talents….as we consider them all to be “nuggets of gold” in our treasure chest of vintage memories….for the memories that these two legends of sports left us are as indelible in our collective minds as any in the world of sports….whether it be Roger Bannister breaking of the 4-minute mile….Yankees Don Larsen pitching a perfect game in the World Series….Patriots Tom Brady winning his 6th Super Bowl….Jack Nicklaus capturing 18 major golf championships….or the Celtics Bill Russell winning his 11th NBA title….it simply just doesn’t get any better than Jim McKay paying tribute to Muhammad Ali.     

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