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Boxing – 1986 – HBOs Larry Merchant Covers Interview Of Larry Holmes On His View Of Rocky Marciano


We have stated on many occasions that we at ImaSportsphile are of the opinion that there are only three ways to take a champions belt….KO….TKO….or seriously disfiguring the champ’s face….and Michael Spinks did neither…..so, by our standards…..Larry Holmes should have at least tied the real Rocky’s record. We have a great number of Larry Holmes videos to view….as we consider him to be one of seven Legends of Boxing during The Golden Age of Boxing from 1964 to 1995…..along with Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis…..so, we hold The Easton Assassin in high esteem around here   

Since I have the responsibility for proudly continuing to post our incredible 632 world championship title fights vintage video library….which I am currently in process of posting these for peoples enjoyment and memories….which are wonderfully expressed in the comments that we receive on our posts….which are thousands a  month…..and we are always amazed at how many viewers express how watching one of our 2900+ currently posted…..for we are learning daily that we have a large treasure chest of memories.

I have an opinion that Larry Holmes might have had some trouble with Rocky Marciano….had they faced each other at the height of their athletic prowess…..but, it is our opinion that Larry Holmes deserved to retain his title on that night when Michael Spinks became the 1st world light heavyweight champion to become the heavyweight champion….which was something that Evander Holyfield also did…..however, we a delighted to have this video in which Larry Holmes expresses his thoughts of Rocky Marciano.

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