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Comedy – 1978 – Skit – Welcome To The 3 Rs – With Guest Michael Micinos And His Daughter Colleen


In this SNL skit from a 1978 telecast of Saturday Night Live….Jane Curtain is the head of the New York State Board of Regents….who interviews Mr. Michael Micinos (John Belushi), a Greek-American, who is joined at the interview by his daughter Colleen (Gilda Radner)….a man who has filed a $10 million dollar lawsuit against the State of New York for passing his “illiterate” daughter through high school and giving her a degree…..and she doesn’t even know her 3 R’s…..Reading, Riting and Rythmatic….and typical of nearly every SNL skit in our treasure chest of memories here at ImaSportsphile….it will make you laugh.  Simply put,….we consider each one of the short “laugh grabbers” are worth their weight in gold….cuz they just make you laugh.

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