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Comedy – 1980 – Famous US Press Secretaries Through History – John Quincy Ross For Pres Jefferson


In this Saturday Night Live comedy skit, guest host U R Presidential Press Secretary Ron Nessen for President Gerald Ford….as he provides a look at what sort of questions that former Press Secretary John Quincy Ross might have had to answer for President Thomas Jeffferson….which provides some really funny comedic relief for the viewer. There is no question that Saturday Night Live set the “gold standard” way back in the day for creative comedy designed for guest hosts of the show…..a standard that has been replicated but never duplicated…..and that is why we at ImaSportsphile are so delighted to have so many comedy skits like this one to share with out viewers…..for we consider each one to be just one more “nugget of gold” in our treasure chest of vintage dreams.  

Ronald Harold Nessen (born May 25, 1934) is an American government official who served as the thirteenth White House Press Secretary for President Gerald Ford from 1974 to 1977.  Prior to joining the Ford administration, Nessen served as a Washington, D.C. correspondent for NBC News. On the day of Ford’s succession to the presidency, August 9, 1974, he provided commentary. That evening he was on the NBC Nightly News; in that piece, Nessen reported on the appointment of terHorst, the man whom he himself would succeed one month later.  Nessen, who also served NBC News as a war correspondent during the Vietnam War….and was seriously wounded by grenade fragments while on patrol outside  Pleiku in the Central Highlands in July 1966. He was with cameraman Peter Boultwood when he was wounded.  He was a member of the Peabody Awards Board of Jurors from 1996 to 2003….who served as Chair in 2003.

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