Comedy – 1982 – HBO Special – Blockheads 4th Annual Ventriliquism Show – Host Mariette Hartley


We have quite a few HBO Specials covering all sorts of entertainment in our extensive ImaSportsphile video library…..from comedy concerts and programs….to daredevil acts…..to magic shows….to boxing and sports specials….and all are quite good….for one of my very favorites is this Blocksheads 4th Annual Ventriliquism and Comedy Show which is hosted by Emmy Award winning actress Mariette Hartley….cuz all the stars of the show are a lot like me….as they are “talking dummies”.   

This year’s Blockheads lineup provided the viewing public with an outstanding international group of ventriliquists including Australia’s Chris Kirby and Terry…..USA’s Willie Tyler and Lester….France’s Al Chausti and Franklinstein….Great Britain’s Terri Rogers and Shorty Harris…..master puppeteer Bruce D. Schwartz and Shi Shi Mai….and USA’s Jay Johnson and Filadendrum….which all put together made an incredible show of ventriliquistic talent…..which is funny and tremendously entertaining….and well worth the watch at the price of this ticket.  ENJOY!!!  

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