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Figure Skating – 1982 – Skate America – ABCs Jim McKay + Peggy Fleming Discuss The Womens Finals

To see Peggy Fleming in a beautiful evening gown alongside Jim McKay in a tuxedo makes this video well worth the price of admission….as their attire is so deserving of both of these icons of sports talents in their respective areas…..as they both saw life and sport as true works of beauty…..full of grace, beauty, elegance and eloquence….and their “styles” and “signatures”  as we here at ImaSportsphile have written often about the “Elegance and Eloquence” of sportscaster Jim McKay…..and when you combine all of that with the “Grace and Beauty” of figure skating analyst and legendary women’s figure skater, Peggy Fleming…..and you have MUST SEE TV!!!

It is videos like this one seen herewith….that bring such nice smiles to our faces here at ImaSportsphile…..just thinking about folks with talents like those bestowed on folks like Jim McKay and Peggy Fleming….and we are absolutely “tickled pink” to have this great piece of two legends in our treasure chest of vintage memories….heck, we’ve got McKay covering Fleming back in 1961 covering the Women’s World Figure Skating Championship….some 21 years later was when this video was aired….and he is still connected to her through sports…..for that is why we are here folks…..to preserve all of those wonderful memories. 


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