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Figure Skating – 1987 – World Championship Ladies – Featuring USA Caryn Kadavy – With Scott Hamilton

Caryn Kadavy is an American figure skater…..who is the 1987 World bronze medalist….as seen by her performance in this video seen herewith….as well as a four-time U.S. national medalist…..who also competed at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. 

At the 1987 Nationals she again went in as a strong threat for the title….especially with defending Champion Debi Thomas injured and in sub-par condition….as Thomas would in fact lose her title to a young upstart and Caryn’s training partner, Jill Trenary.  After placing 3rd in the compulsory figures, Kadavy skated a disastrous short program featuring a major fall…after which she placed only 9th. With a respectable free skating performance Caryn was able to narrowly climb back up to 3rd and make the team due to Tiffany Chin’s own disastrous long program performance where she failed to land even a double axel cleanly. At Worlds she delivered her best competition to date, skating strongly in all 3 phases – compulsory figures, short program, and long program – to win the bronze. She narrowly lost silver to Debi Thomas by a 6-3 verdict in the long program, and might have won silver or even gold but for popping both a triple toe and double axel in the dying stages of her program. This silenced many of her critics, and set her up as a potential major contender for the podium at the 1988 Calgary Olympics.

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