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Golf – 1985 – Mazda Champions Tournament – Special Promotion With Arnold Palmer + Nancy Lopez

Every now and then, we get a video to post that we really don’t know what to write about….and this video seen herewith was one of those…..but after watching it five times while trying to find a point of reference worthy of commenting on….we finally found it…. albeit is a bit obtuse…..but we welcome any comment about who was the originator of this tv promotion for the 1985 Mazda Champions Tournament….which we don’t feel like it is a PGA sponsored event….although Mazda has been a major tournament sponsor on the Champions Tour. 

So, our question has become “Is this 1985 Mazda Champions Tournament a PGA sponsored event?….and….“What is the purpose of the television promotion?….Is it to get golf fans to watch it on whatever network this promo is appearing?”….which is ESPN we think, or….“Is this ad targeting golf fans to come visit beautiful Jamaica and attend the event?  We look forward to any response in our comments section.

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