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Gymnastics – Special – 1970 To 1980 – Olga Korbut & Nadia Comaneci & Kurt Thomas – Host Jim McKay


I have often commented after watching and posting 1600 vintage video on our webpage over the past year and a half….that my favorite sports braodcaster for the sports that we classify as Other Sports…..gymnastics, horse racing and all the sports covered by ABC’s Wide World of Sports….is the always elegant and eloquent Jim McKay…..who presents almost every sport that he covered in such a poetic prose of word merchanting as you have ever heard. 

In this incredible gymnastics video special…..which provides an indepth view of how Womens Gymnastics had progressed in the decade of 1970 to 1980…..as all four women’s gymnastics disciplines of floor exercise, uneven bars, balance beam and vault were shown and compared from early 1970 and ten year later in 1980….featuring the likes of USA Cathy Rigby, USSR Olga Korbut, ROM Nadia Comaneci and USA Kurt Thomasfor this is truly a rare gem in our treasure chest of vintage videos.

Any and all gymnastics fans will most certainly enjoy this video…..and when you get Jim McKay on the mike….it makes a “match made in Heaven” that is well worth the watch.

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