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MLB – 1986 NLCS – Game 5 – Shea Stadium – Mets VS Astros – Innings 5 thru 12


As I have said before….this 1986 NLCS Game 3, 4 and 5 are very special to me because Bone Daddy attended all three of these games at Shea Stadium in New York City…..thanks to the extreme kindness of Mr. Dwight Berube…..the General Manager for Harry M. Stevens of all concession and souvenir stands at Shea….who provided BD and his friend Dean Berube (Dwight’s brother) a comfortable place to stay while in NYC….plus tickets right above the Mets dugout….where Bone Daddy made his presence known while sitting smack-dab in the middle of Mets fans for three days.

Bone Daddy is a sports fan of the highest order….as well as being the original accredited Sportsphile….who was blessed with a voice that can be heard above the roaring crowd….plus, he knows how to “rag” athletes and players alike….especially baseball players….for when he gets on a “rag roll”…..when he will use anything that might work to get under the skin of an opposing player….for he was at his best while at Shea for these three games. The truth is that by the end of the 1st game…..the Mets fans were threatening Bone Daddy by suggesting they would either throw his off the mezzanine or piss on him…..both of which he would laugh at and even suggest that these New York Mets fans didn’t have “the cojones” sufficient enough to do either;

I will tell the whole story of this incredible “magic carpet ride” to NYC in the future in my soon to be presented L E’s Stories section, where I tell ALL regarding the stories behind the stories for all the fascinating trips that Bone Daddy took over his 60+ years of attending live sporting events.

Bone Daddy has always said that this Game 5 of the 1986 NLCS was one of the best baseball games he has ever seen….which makes this video well worth seeing over and over again.


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