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Special 1984 Austin American Statesman’s Capitol 10,000


Austin is the capitol of the State of Texas…as it is known for many things….the heart of the Texas Hill Country…the middle of the Highland Lakes of Texas…..a chain of six fresh water lakes in Central Texas formed by six dams on the lower Colorado River…with Mansfield Dam & Tom Miller Dam being what provides ATX with two of their most loved natural resources…Town Lake (runs thru center city creating the southern boundary of the Central Business District while running through the center of town from west to east….and Barton Springs (a cool 68 degree fresh water natural spring public swimming hole)…and I know all about these places cuz Bone Daddy and I have often walked the hike and bike trail around Town Lake…..and we’ve both spent some significant time cooling out bodies Barton Springs….as both are absolutely beautiful….a gift from God Dog….and guess what happens in the Spring of every year since March 1978….you got it….the Austin-Statesman Capitol 10,000.  For the 1st Race…the race promoters were expecting 800 participants….when 3,400 registered to run the Course on Lady Bird Johnson Town Lake Hike & Bike Trail;…as the entry Fee $3…… and Ben Sargent, Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist creates the ’Dillo mascot.

The Capitol 10,000 has continued to make history in Austin…..as at the time of this video….March 20, 1984…the 7th Annual 10K with 20,600 registered participants…. which ranked as the 2nd largest 10K in nation.  Austin legends have been spawned by this event….such as Sidney Smith, (then 80) did race for the 3rd time & continued to participate until age 98….when he became the oldest participant to date….in this Austin tradition….. and two participants married 15 minutes before the race at the start line & ran in full wedding attire…..as with all things Austin….we love to keep it wierd.

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