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Music – 1978 – Austin City Limits – Merle Haggard + The Strangers – Old Fashion Love In My Heart


This lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile wasn’t much of a country and western music fan back 2.5 yaars when I first started posting videos on our web page herewith….but after having posted at least a hundred or so Austin City Limits concerts from 1976 to 1991…..but after doing my research and telling stories about the musicians, athletes and artists who are showcased in the videos within our library…..I must say….I have become a big fan of country music….but as Bone Daddy (the original Sportsphile) says….“there’s somethin’ about that boot scootin’…..thigh huggin’….beer drinkin’ music….that makes the fillies hang around.”  For those of you who aren’t from Texas…..that means the girls LOVE country music and all that goes with it.   

I said all that to say this….personally, I would like to find Merle Haggard’s boots under my bed in the morning…..for that man and that voice are just about too much for any filly, young or older….to handle.  Merle Haggard and the Strangers were a “top shelf” old fashioned country and western music dance band ….which is evidenced by their rendition of “Old Fashion Love In My Heart” ….as seen herewith….just makes a gal wanna grab a cowboy and do some thigh huggin’ around the dance floor.

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