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Music – 1978 – The Star Spangled Banner – PBS Nightly Sign Off For Many Years On Television

It has been a tradition on network television since the beginning of television programming that the networks signed-off with the Star Spangled Banner…..especially on the Public Broadcasting Network (PBS)…..for it constitutes the pride that Americans have in Old Glory….the Stars and Stripes….our American flag…..for it is the perfect way to start and end a day of programming. 

We here at ImaSportsphile are extremely proud and honored to have such an incredible and diverse number of renditions of our national anthem by so many renowned performers…..who each exhibit their own unique interpretation of most prized expression of our patriotism for our country….for there is no place on Earth that expresses and exudes freedom like the United States of America….which makes our Star Spangled Banner collection a gathering of exotic stones in our treasure chest of vintage memories here at ImaSportsphile…..as this rendition of our anthem is as good as it gets.

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