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NBA – 1987 – All Star Sat Night Special – Red Auerbach + Bill Russell Introduce Legends Game Players

This video segment features the introduction of the players for the 1987 All Star Saturday Night Legends Game is a rare piece of NBA history….which not only includes highlights from “days gone by” of the players who were participating in the Legends Game…which in and of itself, provides an incredible walk down memory lane for any and all NBA fans of the 1950’s, 1960″s and 1970’s…..and then like “whipped cream and a cherry on top”…..all NBA fans and any Sportsphile get extra video treats by having the legendary Celtics Coach and GM Red Auerbach and his equally legendary star center and coach Bill Russell handle the introduction of the players for the Legends Game….which is simply “the cat’s meow” for those adoring fans of the accomplishments of these two Celtic legends.

Just as a matter of fact for all potential Sportsphiles’ out there….“Red and Russ” won a total of 29 NBA championship between the two of them…..with Red having 9 as a coach and 7 as an executive….while Russell had 11 as a player and 2 as a coach….and any way you cut the pie…..that is simply incredible in the world of sports.


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