News – 1984 Channel 24 KVUE Austin – Part 2 – News & Weather & Sports UT Rick Carey


This video provides undeniable truth that although the only real constant in life for all creatures is change….cuz all things big to all things small that are living organisms on this Earth….are for the most part…..continually changing and evolving…..even when they don’t realize it…..but in the HUMAN sector on this Earth….there are some things that absolutely seem to never change….I mean…..take local television news and weather for example….for as you watch this video….I think you might end up agreeing with me in my assessment that local television news and weather never changes…..or at least, it hasn’t changed in the past 32 years.

The first news story is about Austin Aqua Festival…..which grew into South by Southwest and ACL Festival….both internationally known and recognized….much bigger than Austin Aqua Fest….but it’s still in the news all of the time in Austin today….for this news is still about music, fun, entertainment, keep Austin weird….which are just like the news more than three decades ago.  The next news covered by Ch 24 is about a man the authorities arrested for having the ingredients for building bombs along with multiple guns and ammunition…..and as far as this lil ole Chiweenie can hear….aren’t homemade bombs with weapons and ammunition in the news all the time!?!,,,,,then comes a peace of HUMANS fighting in the Middle East….can anyone tell me how long fighting in the Middle East has been going on?….I don’t know….but I do know it is still in the news on a regular basis…and that news piece is followed by Austin homeowners protesting property taxes…..OH….that reminds me….another constant is taxes going up….but that is a whole nuther story.  As if I haven’t provided enough truth that local news and weather seems to never change…..the weather comes on….and it is all about drought and violent storms….so, have you turned on the weather lately…..isn’t it all about drought and violent storms….albeit it seems to this lil ole Chiweenie that Mother Nature seems to be a little more “pissed off” than she was back in ’84….but it is still all about drought and violent storms.

As we come to the last part of this video’s KVUE Ch 24 in Austin News, Weather and Sports…..is the sports….which since it was taped during the video taping of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games….the sports coverage on this night was all about the Olympics….with highlights on University of Texas swimmer Rick Carey’s olympic gold race….with analysis by his now legendary UT Swim Coach Eddie Reese (still the coach in 2016)….for at the end of the day for me….the one HUMAN endeavor that is still the same today that I am glad has never changed….is the love of sports by all HUMANS….which brings a big ole smile to my face.

.Watch this video and tell me that I am not right…… 

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