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Olympics – 1984 – L A Games – Equestrian Analysis – Tad Coffin + Chris Schenkel + Bill Steinkraus

Bill Steinkraus was an American show jumping champion…..who participated in five Olympic Games as a member of USA Olympic Equestrian Team…..when at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics….he won a gold medal in individual jumping with his horse, Snowbound….then he won two silver medals in Team Jumping…..with the first in 1960 on Ksar d’Espirt….then again in 1972 on Main Spring….while winning a bronze medal in Team Jumping at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics on Hollandia. 

Chris Schenkel was an American sportscaster….who over the course of five decades called play-by-play for numerous sports on television and radio….as he became known for his smooth delivery and baritone voice after being hired by ABC Sports in 1964….where he broadcast college football….Major League Baseball….NBA basketball…..many boxing bouts and championships….golf and tennis tournaments, auto racing….along with several Summer and Winter Olympic Games…..and we at ImaSportsphile are happy to say that we have video with Chris Schenkel behind the mike for at least one of each of those categories that he served the sports world.

Tad Coffin is an American saddlemaker and equestrian…..who won two gold medals in the 1976 Montreal Olympics riding Bally Cor.  In this video herewith….he teams up with Bill Steinkraus and Chris Schenkel to provide an assessment of the upcoming show jumping event….while taking a good look at the jumps throughout the course.


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