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Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – Advertizement – Salute Al Oerter From 7 – 11 Stores


The incredible Al Oerter….an athlete of the highest order…had many articles written about him and his achievements….had many video pieces done with Oerter as a featured athlete….but this rare piece of tribute to the “one-n-only” Al Oerter by 7-11 Stores….was only aired during ABC’s 16 day coverage of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.  Oerter was a come from behind phenom….who accomplished great feats….when the money was on the line….when it had to be done.  In my lil ole Chiweenie sportsphile opinion….his accomplishments at the Olympic Games….when no one expected him to win…..not once but a bunch of times over four Olympic Games…..performed on sports biggest stage by unleashing throws that broke the spirits of his fellow competitors….like his first throw at his first of four Olympic Games which was so good that it was the winning throw. by 5 inches….dang folks, that is 1/2 of one foot which is half my size….well anyway, these legendary throws by Al Oerter…..were against competitors who were seemingly significantly better than Al was at the time they were competing….guys like Rink Babka and Jay Sylvester.

Yes folks….this athlete known as Al Oerter is truly worthy of all the accolades, tributes and honors that he so distinctly deserves.


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