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Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – Equestrian – Team Jumping – FRA Pierre Durand & GBR John Whitaker


Throughout the entire equestrian jumping competition at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics…..ABC Chris Schenkel’s sidekick (don’t know his name) would comment often on how much he liked the horse named Jappeloup….which was ridden by FRA Pierre Durand, Jr….commenting that this horse really had the makings of being a remarkable horse….who just four years later….won the gold medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics….and FRA Pierre Durand, Jr. was atop.

The relationship between Durand and his horse became so legendary that the film “Jappeloup” by Christian Duquay was made staring French actor Guillaume Canet….which depicted the bond that had developed between Durand and Jappeloup until they won the Seoul Olympics gold in the individual jumping competition

This video piece covers the equestrian team jumping competition at the 1984 Olympics…..featuring FRA Pierre Durand on Jappeloup….followed by GBR John Whitaker on Overton Amanda.

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