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Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – Track – Womens 100m Finals – Evelyn Ashford & Alice Brown


Sunday, August 5, 1984 proved to be one of the greatest days in sports that Bone Daddy had ever seen live…..as he sat in the stands with 95,000 other Olympic sports fans….who all inclusively were to be anointed by the oils of greatness being painted into legend on this historic day.  There were only four track and field events to be competed on this Sunday in August….1st was the men’s javelin throw preliminaries….where USA Tom Petranoff let go of a throw that traveled 85.96 meters to put him at the top of Group B by the end of the day….but it was what was to unfold in the latter three competitions that really put the day into atmospheric orbit.,,,as next came the women’s 100 m finals….where USA Evelyn Ashford won gold with a new Olympic Record of 10.97 seconds…..with teammate Alice Brown taking silver at 11.13 seconds.  The roar that exploded around the stadium was deafening for Ashford as she did a victory lap…..but this was only preparation for what was about to unfold as USA Joan Benoit entered the stadium to run her last and victory lap around The Coliseum that day….for this reception elevated the applause and appreciation meter to a crescendo unlike anything that Bone Daddy had ever heard before at a live sporting event…..for this was the moment when Joan Benoit went from  marathon runner to legend. If you can believe all of that….then what was to happen next….provided the undeniable truth that being in the stadium for this days four events…..was like being granted access to Mount Olympus to break bread with Zeus, Thor, Mercury and the rest of the Greek gods….for that is when USA Edwin Moses took the stage for the men’s 400 m hurdles final…..in his attempt to wind gold and extend his unbeaten streak to 105 races….for the adulation that accompanied this feat when achieved….set a all time record in my favorite Sportsphile’s memory bank…..Oh my God Dog…what a day…..for as Bone Daddy puts it….”The euphoria of this day of August 5, 1984 that had been experience by our little band of Olympic sojourners…..catapulted Los Tres Amigos…. Prince of Pleasure, Sky Pilot and me…into orbit while continuing on our acquired mission from God.”

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