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TV Ads – 1979 – Best Michelin Tires Advertisement Ever Aired


It has been said that the best things in life come in small packages….and sometimes a video speaks for itself when words cannot sufficiently describe….and this Michelin Tire advertisement fits both those statements….for it is one of the best TV ad programs ever produced….as Michelin used babies in their television advertisements for some many years….BECAUSE THERE IS SO MUCH RIDING ON YOUR TIRES!!! 

This video is the 1st of over 1000 vintage TV ads that we will be posting in our TV Ads Section here at ImaSportsphile….for many of them are simply priceless….as many have been etched in the viewers mind over the years….as it is absolutely awesome to compare tv ads from back in the day….to those of today in 2018….plus it is well worth remembering companies that came and went….along with those that came and stayed over the years. 


  1. This is a photo of my son, David. He was sick, the day of the “shoot”, so, yes, he looks sad…that was coincidence, really. Please respond to this post. I have some questions I’d like to ask you.

    1. Howdy William…..glad to hear from the father of the child in the Michelin commercial….what are your questions?

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