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CBS Sports roving reporter for the 1987 NBA Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers verses the Boston Celtics was Pat O’Brien….who worked the crowds around the arena and the fans in the stands…..doing special commentary and personal interviews….as he did in this video seen herewith….when O’Brien interviews golf’s Great White Shark.….who turns out to be a Celtics fan since 1977….when he saw his first live NBA game….as Greg Norman was attending the game at the Los Angeles Forum just before the start of the 1987 US Open Golf Tournament at Olympic Club in San Francisco. 

It has always been an interesting case study for this ole Sportsphile…..as I have intently listened to great athletes and sportsman when they talk about athletes in other sports other than the ones that they compete in…..so, video clips like this one are always well worth the price of admission to see this one.  

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