Boxing – 1986 – HBO Larry Merchant Profiles New York Born + Raised Heavywt Boxer Mitch Blood Green

Mitch Blood Green (born January 13, 1957) is an American former professional boxer….whose professional career covered from 1980 to 2005….who is best known for facing a then-undefeated Mike Tyson in 1986….and then for his later street brawl with Tyson in 1988.  

As a professional, Green was one of NBC’s “Tomorrow’s Champions” ….and was ranked as high as # 7 by the World Boxing Council…. # 9 in the World Boxing Association.  Blood was undefeated in his first 16 bouts….which included a 1983 points win over the rugged Floyd “Jumbo” Cummings and a draw with the always tough Robert Evans.  His first loss was a 12 round decision to future WBC champ Trevor Berbick in a bid for the United States Boxing Association title on August 10, 1985.  

After a comeback win over Percell Davis….Mitch Green lost a ten-round decision to Mike Tyson in 1986 on HBO….as this video seen herewith profiles Green just prior to his most famous fight with Iron Mike….where in the buildup to the fight….Green had complained bitterly of the disparity in purses between him and Tyson….when a day before the fight, Green learned he was being paid $30,000 to Tyson’s $200,000….and that is when he threatened to pull out of the contest….but finally settled for being released from his managerial contract with King’s stepson Carl in return for his short purse. Green put up a stubborn showing during the fight despite losing a ten-round unanimous decision….and at one point managed to knock one of Tyson’s gold teeth out….as the valuable tooth landed in front of writer Phil Berger. 

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