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Comedy – 1986 – Special – HBO Robert Klein Showcases Great Stand Up Comedians And Their Rhythm

We at ImaSportsphile cannot begin to express how much we appreciate our entire collection of HBO’s On Location….which was typically hosted by comedian Robert Klein….for within the footage of this series lies rare material of some of stand up comedy’s greatest geniuses….including Richard Pryor,  Robin Williams,  George Carlin, Steve Martin, Redd Foxx, Billy Crystal, Lily Tomlin, Totie Fields, Myron Cohen, Henny Youngman, Jerry Lewis, George Kirby, Norm Crosby, David Brenner and so many more….and we have nearly all of the On Location productions that were aired.

What is awesome about this particular video is how host Robert Klein breaks down the value of a comedians rhythm….simply by providing incredible examples of really great ones in their rhythm….and what an insight for those of us who love stand up comedy. 

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