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Boxing – IBF Light Heavyweight Title – Champ Michael Spinks VS James MacDonald


I love this video for several reasons…..cuz if a person is truly a Sportsphile….they have got to love America….as the good ole US of A is the LAND OF SPORTS….and without the development and encouragement of sports in America….Lionel Messi would not be able to make the millions of dollars that he makes today.  There may possibly not be any industry promoted more in the world….than the promotion of sports….and in the USA….SPORT IS KING.

And talk about KING….there was Elvis, the king of music….there was Babe, the king of swat….there was Petty, the king of the track….there was Billie Jean, the king of tennis (that’s just not right!?!)….but when it came to boxing during the golden age of boxing (1964 – 1995)….there was only one KING….and that was boxing promoter Don King…..so, when it comes to Don King….this video shows the Don King persona better than anything I have ever seen….God Bless America….and God Bless Don King.

Don King had an attitude that by the Grace of God….and the good ole USA….could a man with the longest hair pointing to the sky in an Eternal gesture of gratitude….cuz Don King had a sincere understanding that in no place but America could he be putting on an event named “D-Day Dynamite” on June 6, 1982….some 41 years since the US invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1941….and honor this important day in his country’s history by having the US Marine Corp Marching Band perform and play the National Anthem…..to a rousing reception by the crowd….as the “God Bless America” boxing promoter aroused the patriotic spirit than is also very American.

I remember other occasions at a Don King production of the World Welterweight Championship 2nd fight between Roberto “Manos de Piedra” Duran vs Sugar Ray Leonard….when King had the incomparable Ray Charles sing America The Beautiful at the introduction of the fighters in the ring….a rendition that caused the legendary boxing commentator ABCs Howard Cosell to say something to the effect that if that didn’t bring out your patriotic juices….then nothing will.

Look, promoters Don King and Bob Arum held the reigns of boxing like champion charioteers held the reigns in Rome at the Coliseum….firm and strong….for the better part of the entire golden age of boxing….and in doing so….although the fans had to pay high prices for a ringside ticket….they were treated to a great show as put together by a great showman….the only KING of boxing….Don King.

The fight between Spinks and MacDonald was a really good fight….as Diamond Jim got some serious shots in on Spinks….but Michael hit him with The Spinks Jinx….and the rest is history….but the other reason I just love this video is for the interview that boxing commentator Don Chevrier had with Spinks after the bout….as Spinks addresses Larry Holmes….and what he would do if The Easton Assassin would try to avoid fighting him….it is great stuff.


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