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Comedy – 1983 – On Location With Robt Klein – How Comedians Musical Talent To Enhance Their Comedy

Prop comedy is a comedy genre in which performers use humorous objects and / or conventional objects in humorous ways. The stages and films termprop is an abbreviation of “property”….which refers to any object an actor handles in the course of a performance. Though some form of prop comedy has likely existed as long as there have been comedians….the genre reached its zenith in the vaudeville era. The vaudeville team Olsen and Johnson used prop comedy extensively in their long running Broadway revue Hellzapoppin.

Many comedians will uses prop comedy and their musical talents….their props revolved around a gimmick like their musical talents and the comedian’s character around that gimmick.

Props are any items that the comedian or comic uses in an absurd way…..to include musical instruments and presentation of their music….as these can be hand props, such as a book or slapstick, costume props such as tearaway pants and set props such as a breakaway chair….and any example of application of their music   

In this wonderful video seen herewith, On Location host Robert Klein provides an awesome array of famous comedians using props and music to enhance their comedic routines….as Klein suggests that for many great “laugh getters”…..they will use props and showcase their musical talent to get a guaranteed laugh when the rest of their material is “bombing”…..which makes this clip another “nugget of gold” in our treasure chest of vintage memories….making it well worth the watch.


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