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Comedy – 1986 – Not Necessarily The News – Michael Lawrence On Madonna + A Firesign Theatre Piece


Michael Lawrence from Not Necessarily The News does a hilarious piece on Madonna being the next Marilyn Monroe to start this video off…..which is followed by the always creative and funny Firesign Theatre members doing a short piece for Comic Relief in 1986.

The Firesign Theatre (also known as The Firesigns….was an American surreal comedy group….who first performed live on November 17, 1966 on the Los Angeles radio program Radio Free Oz….as they produced fourteen record albums and a 45 rpm single under contract to Columbia Records from 1968 through 1976….and had three nationally syndicated radio programs….The Firesign Theatre Radio Hour Hour in 1970 on KPPC-FM….and Dear Friends (1970–1971) and Let’s Eat! (1971–1972) on KPFK. They also appeared in front of live audiences….and continued to write, perform, and record on other labels through 2012….occasionally taking sabbaticals during which they wrote or performed solo or in smaller groups….as seen in this video herewith. 

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