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Golf – 1987 – Skins Game – Lee Trevino Holes Out 2nd Shot On 3rd Hole To Win $55K Skin + Interview

Golfer Lee Trevino….known as Supermex around most of Texas….was one of the most engaging golfers ….and one of the best shot-makers to ever grace the PGA Tour….for he had an infectious personality that attracted fans like “catnip draws cats”…..as he supercharged them with “fun and frolicking” every time they followed him around the course….for he was truly a breath of fresh air on any and all PGA golf courses. 

In this video seen herewith, Trevino holes out from 70 yards off the green to win a $55,000 skin from Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Fuzzy Zoeller on the 3rd hole of play…..and when NBC analyst Peter Jacobsen interviews him right after he made the shot….Trevino proceeds to tell him….“Ive been practicing that shot for 44 years, and it finally paid off.”….as Trevino brought the house down on his way to retrieve his ball out of the hole.

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